Set Autoglass Warranty


Windshield Repair Warranty

First the damaged area is cleaned with a light pressure vacuum. Then a clear liquid resin is injected into the void. The resin is then cured to a solid with an ultraviolet lamp. The resin becomes similar to plastic. The repaired area becomes stronger than glass and will flex with the glass over time. The completed process comes with a lifetime warranty that will only be covered under 2 conditions:


         1. If the repair gets worse. In some cases, the attempt to repair a windshield can result in the chip or crack becoming larger, Set Autoglass® is not responsible for such damage.


        2. If you are dissatisfied with the final result.

The repaired portion of the windshield is guaranteed to not crack further, and the repair will pass any state inspection.

If either condition occurs, the cost of the repair will only be credited toward a replacement aftermarket windshield. However, if you’re insurance company paid for the repair, the insurance company will receive the credit.

This warranty is valid for as long as you own or lease the vehicle and is not transferable to another vehicle owner.

This is a structural repair and is not cosmetic. You will still see something. This is only an attempt to stop pre-existing damage from getting worse.

Limited lifetime Replacement Warranty

Auto glass purchased and installed by Set Autoglass® is only warranted for leaks. This warranty is valid for as long as you own or lease your vehicle and is not transferable. Defects in materials and/or workmanship claims must be brought to the attention of Set Autoglass® within 30 days of installed date and must be viewed by a Set Autoglass® technician or a Set Autoglass® manager/owner.

Excluded from Warranty

Any labor and/or remove and re-installed glass that is not purchased by Set Autoglass® is not included in this warranty. This warranty does not cover chips, cracks, or any damage to installed glass, nor does it cover any leaking or related damage in connection with installations to vehicles having damage or rust in the pinch weld. Set Autoglass® will advise you of the proper removal, treatment and installation procedures in the presence of any corrosion or defects prior to removing your existing glass. Sometimes it is not possible for this to happen. In all cases, Set Autoglass® is not responsible for any associated damages, including damages not related to defective workmanship or materials that have not been brought to the attention of a Set Autoglass® technician or Set Autoglass manager/owner within 30 days of installed glass. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE MANUFACTURER OR VENDOR BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.